Shri RAM-AGNI Initiation


guruji_imgSHRI RAM-AGNI is the middle ladder & base of SATYARAM DEVOTION. This initiation can only be given after a SATYARAM DEVOTEE becomes a master of SHRI GURU-AGNI INITIATION & SHRI GURU-AGNI ANAHAT-JOURNEY. The power of SHRI RAM-AGNI flows in the blood of a SATYARAM DEVOTEE. After the start of SHRI RAM-AGNI INITIATION, BABAJI directly connects you to the heart of LORD SHIVA, with the heart of the UNIVERSE and with every particle of the UNIVERSE. In this initiation BABAJI bless you with the divine spell of LORD SHIVA’S MASTER & LORD. By the blessings of SHRI RAM-AGNI you can now do your ANAHAT-JOURNEY with more ease and connects with the ANAHAT & every particle of the UNIVERSE forever.
After SHRI RAM-AGNI INITIATION, BABAJI bless you with the divine & very rare meditation of SHRI RAM-AGNI to all SATYARAM DEVOTEES. After doing this meditation, all SATYARAM DEVOTEES receive ULTIMATE HAPPINESS and will be discharged from all the sufferings which they bear in their life in the absence of KNOWLEDGE & MASTER. On the second day of SHRI RAM-AGNI INITIATION, BABAJI bless all SATYARAM DEVOTEES with the ULTIMATE KNOWLEDGE of SHRI RAM-AGNI ANAHAT-JOURNEY, by which you all SATYARAM DEVOTEES are connected with the heart of your dear BABAJI at each & every moment, it has main effect is that whenever a SATYARAM DEVOTEE during his ANAHAT-JOURNEY becomes unitedly with the heart of BABAJI and requests BABAJI for SATYARAM GRACE then, BABAJI showered his SATYARAM GRACE on that SATYARAM DEVOTEE at the very same moment and the licit wish of that SATYARAM DEVOTEE is completed. After SHRI RAM-AGNI ANAHAT-JOURNEY, BABAJI is providing the protection of SATYARAM RAM PROTECTIVE SHIELD from his tenacity proved fire to the houses of all SATYARAM DEVOTEES and bless you with SATYARAM FATHER’S LIBERATION, SATYARAM FORGIVENESS-PRAY MEDITATION & BABAJI himself helps every SATYARAM DEVOTEE for completing their ANAHAT-JOURNIES and bless you with the rare knowledge of ANAHAT-JOURNEY in your hearts. Later, BABAJI bless you with knowledge of SATYARAM SEWA-PRAY in the form of INITIATION. After the initiation of SATYARAM SEWA-PRAY any SATYARAM DEVOTEE can do the SEWA-PRAY of anybody and fulfill with the divine SATYARAM ENERGIES of the UNIVERSE by connecting with the heart of BABAJI, UNIVERSE & every particle of the UNIVERSE. If that person is not near for his SATYARAM SEWA-PRAY even then, a SATYARAM DEVOTEE can invoke his MASTER’S tenacity fire and completed the SATYARAM SEWA-PRAY only by sitting on his own place. Only after the completion of SHRI RAM-AGNI INITIATION, you become eligible for the last & BRAHM INITIATION of SATYARAM DEVOTION’S and that is SHREEM SITA-SHAKTI.