SatyaRam Sansthan

SATYARAM SANSTHAN is a non-profit organization. “Shri Shri Shri BaBa SatyaRam Ji” has kept its base in his heart in the year 2008. Human welfare is the only & only mission of SATYARAM SANSTHAN. SATYARAM INITIATION FESTIVALS would be organized by SATYARAM SANSTHAN in all over INDIA, in which BABAJI has blessed all masses with the ultimate, ancient & auspicious knowledge of our MASTERS & SATYARAM DEVOTION in the form of INITIATION. The page of SATYARAM SEWA-PRAY was added in the SATYRAM SANSTHAN’S website in which anyone can receive the grace of tenacity forces of BABAJI totally free by filling out the available form and make his life felicitous. In the coming time SATYARAM ANNDAAN programs would be be run by SATYARAM SANSTHAN. Such SATYARAM BHOJNAALYAS would be constructed, where all masses can get food at reasonable prices. Such SATYARAM KAMDHENU COWSHEDS would be constructed where our COW-MOTHERS will get complete conservation and with the blessing of COW-MOTHER we all are able to get all COW-PRODUCTS in the purest form. Such SATYARM SCHOOLS would be constructed where our children will be provided with the knowledge of today’s physical era along with the knowledge of our SAGES, ASCETICS & MASTERS. Such SATYARAM DEGREE COLLEGES would be constructed where our youth can complete their further studies in a better manner. Such SATYARAM HOSPITALS would be constructed where all masses can get the medical treatment at reasonable prices. Such SATYARAM COLONIES would be made on complete architectural rules, where the facility of 24 hours electricity & water is available, and where all masses will be able to buy houses & land at reasonable prices. Such SATYARAM STORES would be opened in all over INDIA where food-drink items along with daily necessity items will be available for all masses. The work has already begun on all these SATYARAM PROJECTS. To support in any type in all these SATYARAM PROJECTS anyone can connect with SATYARAM SANSTHAN and help SATYARAM SANSTHAN by providing his service.