“Shri Shri Shri BaBa SatyaRam Ji” (Founder & Preserver) – ‘SatyaRam Sansthan’

Slowly & gradually time passes and in time BABAJI got his GAYATRI INITIATION and got the knowledge of SATYARAM SHIV-MAHIMA & SHRI RUDRASHTKAM. With the blessings of VEDMATA BABAJI continued to walk on the path of CHANTING & MEDITATION. Thereafter, one day LORD SHIVA manifest in front of BABAJI and said that the welfare of the society is always has been your ultimate motive and now it’s time for you to get absorbed in deep meditation. After the order of LORD SHIVA, BABAJI dedicated his entire life for the wish & order of LORD SHIVA. After that for the ultimate and complete knowledge BABAJI did several Spiritual journeys in entire INDIA and received contiguity & blessings of many SPIRITUAL MASTERS. Then the ultimate golden time came into BABAJI’S life when BABAJI received the contiguity of LORD SHIVA in the form of a MASTER. That is to say that BABAJI received contiguity of the MASTER of the entire universe SHRI DAKSHINAMURTHY SHIVA in the form of a MASTER. BABAJI’S MASTER LORD SHIVA gave BABAJI the ULTIMATE POWER which habitat in the heart of LORD SHIVA that is SHRI RAM-AGNI & also LORD SHIVA gave BABAJI his MASTER & LORD SHRI RAM’S ULTIMATE NAME RAMNAAM. After that with the order of HIS MASTER BABAJI dedicated every particle of his entire life for the welfare of all HUMAN BEINGS. BABAJI got the famous noun of SHRI SHRI SHRI BABA SATYARAM JI and the post of PARBRAHMGURU and thereafter, PARAMBRAHMGURU from his MASTER. By the order of his MASTER BABAJI erected SATYARAM SANSTHAN. By the blessing of SHRI RAM-AGNI BABAJI got the knowledge of ANAHAT JOURNEY and then got the ultimate knowledge of SHRI GURU-AGNI, SHREEM SITA- SHAKTI, SATYARAM SEWA-PRAY, SATYARAM COW PROTECTION THREAD & SHRI PANCH GURU CHARAN PADUKA. BABAJI formed SHRI RAM-AGNI YANTRA, SHREEM SITA-SHAKTI YANTRA, SHRI BAJRANG DEV RAKSHA YANTRA, SHRI SITA-RAM RAKSHA YANTRA and made amendments in SHRI RAM RAKSHA YANTRA RAJ, SHRI DAKSHINAMURTHY YANTRAM & SHRI ANNPURANESHWARI YANTRAM. BABAJI formed SHRI DWADASH JYOTIRLINGAM GAYATRI SPELLS, SHRI NAV DURGA GAYATRI SPELLS, CHATWARI AADI SHAKTI PEETHAM GAYATRI SPELLS, SHRI ASHTADASH MAHA SHAKTI PEETHAM GAYATRI SPELLS, EK PANCHASHAT-SARVAM MAA SATI SHAKTI PEETHAM GAYATRI SPELLS & formed several GAYATRI SPELLS in SARVA SHRI SHIV TATVAM & SARVA SHRI SHAKTI TATVAM, which appeared first time in front of the world and all these creations are described in the second part of SATYA RAM PRABHAT DHARAM. BABAJI effortlessly provided till now extinct and very rare ultimate knowledge of SHRI GURU- AGNI, SHRI RAM-AGNI & SHREEM SITA-SHAKTI to the general masses. BABAJI have one & an only LIFE AIM GOAL to provide this ultimate knowledge of SHIVRAM & RAMNAAM to all, so that all their sufferings can go away and they can get the stage of ULTIMATE HAPPINESS.

From The Heart…

All our children’s should be well educated and could stand on their own feet and can work for their welfare as well as of society. SATYARAM SANSTHAN will be trying to make some SATYARAM KAMDHENU COWSHEDS where our COW-MOTHERS will get complete conservation. We’ll try to make some SATYARAM BHOJNALYAS where everybody can get fair food with reasonable prices. SATYARAM SANSTHAN will be trying to make some SATYARAM HOSPITALS where people should not lose their life in the lack of money. SATYARAM SANSTHAN will be trying to make some SATYARAM SCHOOLS where I myself can teach students that knowledge, which I got from my master, so that our children’s could understand today’s physical knowledge along with the knowledge given by our SAGES & ASCETICS. An INDIA where nobody should wake up & sleep with an empty stomach, everybody is well educated, everybody should know the knowledge of today’s physical world, along with the knowledge of the civilizations of our ancient INDIA, everybody should get the knowledge of SPIRITUAL MEDITATIONS given by our MASTERS. Everybody should spend their whole lives with ULTIMATE HAPPINESS & ULTIMATE COMFORT. For the completion of my aim I have formed SATYARAM SANSTHAN with the order & the grace of my MASTER & LORD. I pray every moment to my MASTER & LORD you all should receive the complete ULTIMATE KNOWLEDGE and get to SATYARAM DEVOTION
“Shri Shri Shri BaBa SatyaRam Ji”